About Us

What We Do

Our main goal is embedded within our title. CSRT stands for Combating Systemic Racism through Technology. We are focused on bridging the digital divide that exists between minorities and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities. Many of the challenges that minority low-income families face can be attributed to a lack of resources. Many of these families rely on public resources, such as libraries, to bridge the divide. But libraries aren't always open and available. We empower these communities with information and resources that range from education, employment, and almost everything in between, so that they are able to realize their potential and create a better life for themselves and their families.

Who We Are

The CSRT Group was founded via a capstone project under the South Fulton Youth Council’s Summer Leadership Institute. We are a group of seven individuals who felt that staying silent in today’s society would do no good for us, nor would it do good for individuals who truly need help. Meet our team below!



Zaria Edwards - Researcher

  • Senior at Guilford High School in Guilford, CT

  • Dream College: Univ. of Hawaii

  • Dream Major: Mathematics

  • Dream Career: Kindergarten Teacher

Jared Stancil - Researcher

  • Freshman from Creekside High School in Fairburn, GA

  • Dream College: Undecided

  • Dream Career: Mechanical Engineer/Psychologist

Melvin Freeman - Editor/Researcher


McKenzie Kirby - Marketing Head

  • Junior at Heritage High School in Conyers, GA

  • Dream College: Undecided

  • Dream Major: Math

  • Dream Career: Financial Engineering

Skye Jackson - Spokesperson

  • Freshman at Spelman College

  • Major: Dual Degree in Computer Science

  • Dream Career: Programming Engineer

Dejah Payton - Graphic Designer

Christian Wiggins - Organizer

  • Senior at Arlington Christian School in Fairburn, GA.

  • Dream College/First Choice: Georgia Tech

  • Wants to major in Information Technology Management

  • Dream career: Chief Information Officer of a Major Company

Additional Spokespersons:

  • Maurice "Deuce" Sharps II

  • Thomas Woods

  • Nicholas Holloway

  • Aria Austin

  • Christopher Floyd

  • Miracle Sutton