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  • The United Way helped over 1 million people improve their economic well being in 2016.

  • 687,982 people received job and skills training

  • 48 percent of people who received help from United Way with job services obtained employment

  • 67 percent of the people that received financial stability training increased their wages.

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Children during Covid-19

4 Ways that the United Way Can Help Children During These Times

  • Save the Child Care Industry from Collapse- Since the United States is opening back up parents and guardians are going back to work which is causing kids to have no one to watch them. So, An emergency appropriation is needed to keep child care centers open and help them take the necessary precautions to keep our children safe and healthy.

  • Help Students Access Online and Distance Learning- Covid-19 has caused a lot of kids to do virtual learning with their schools. So, we must ensure they have access to Wi-Fi hotspots, home internet connectivity, and digital devices to continue their education at home.

  • Prevent Child Poverty, Increase EITC Participation- Due to Covid-19 a lot of people have been kicked out of their homes and shelters which has caused learning for children to be a challenge. The Earned Income Tax Credit is considered one of the most effective programs for reducing child poverty and promoting financial stability for low-income families.

  • Address the Growing Food Insecurity Needs of Children- Since kids are at home and not going to school, their food source is major. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps ensure families can afford to put food on the table.

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